About My Life

Sara Lodin

Sara Lodin

My Past Years

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A brief history about my past is I was born in Alexandria, VA and after a few years my family moved to Jacksonville, FL where I experienced my childhood. I grew up going to DisneyWorld and going to the beaches with my family. I would always go out with my family to have fun because we were lonely and did not have many relatives living in our area. I would always have fun with my brothers and we even learned how to ride a bike together. After a little over a decade my family decided to move to Fairfield, CA whre I currently live. I love it here so much because family is surrounding us everywhere.



A few things I like to do on my free time is play my trumpet, play sports, hang with my frieinds, talk with my family, excersise, and I try my best to help others out by volunteering through leadership. I like being around people but sometimes I like to be alone and just think about things while taking a mental break. I love my cousin so much and her name is Lema. We always have sleepovers at each other's houses and we always have so much fun together. We are unseperable and she will always be my best friend.